Sunday, September 24, 2006

DIMAblog may be half blog-half amazing but DIMAblog is modest enough to understand it could use a little help from time to time.

DIMAblog isn’t looking for news clippings or program announcements. Those should be sent to

DIMAblog is looking for your opinions on a variety of topics. Some topics could be drawn from DM news and events, your M.S. program experience, thoughts on industry trends, educational or instructional insights, reflections on the job market, personal advice (successes or failures) or anything else that strikes the authors fancy.

Aliases can be provided for the timid. DIMAblog will hold your identity in confidence.

No post will be censored. Remember; if you choose to criticize - expect criticism in return.

Regular contributors may be current students, alumni, or faculty of the program.

Act now! Send an email to with the following:

Email address:
Status: (current student, faculty, alumni)
Posting name or Alias request:

DIMAblog will respond with posting credentials.

DIMAblog can’t wait to hear from you!