Thursday, October 25, 2007

Other News for 10/25

  • The Nielsen Company and Google have formed a multi-year strategic alliance. The first outcome of this new relationship will be demographic data provided by Nielsen to Google TV Ads, the online platform for buying, selling, measuring and delivering television ads. Google will now be able to provide its advertisers a more complete look of the demographic composition of the audience.
  • Apple has found a way to help promote the movie side of its download business, currently stuck at about 1,000 Disney, MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount titles. Indie filmmaker Ed Burns (The Brothers McMullen) will release his latest movie, Purple Violets, on iTunes on November 20 as a pay-to-play download – the firsts feature-length film to debut on the platform. Wes Anderson's 13-minute Hotel Chevalier, a prequel to The Darjeeling Limited, has registered over 400,000 downloads on iTunes so far, but that one is being offered for free.
  • MySpace struck a deal with game distributor Oberon Media to create a MySpace Games channel slated to launch in early 2008.
  • The Weather Channel Interactive will launch a mobile video service and WAP-based web site with partner Vantrix, featuring video weather reports from 100 different U.S. cities. Forecasts will be updated every 30 minutes, resulting in 5,000 new video downloads per day.
  • AdMonsters Publisher Forum US XVIII: AdMonsters bi-annual US Publisher Forums bring together more than 100 of the most senior leaders in online ad operations to address common issues facing the entirety of the online advertising operations community in a unique round-table format. (


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